Corkage Policy

We understand that some of our guests might want to enjoy a bottle of wine at Mister WOK with their regular food consumption from our menu. As a courtesy to those guests, we grant the privilege of bringing their own wine – (no hard liquor, please) – and enjoy it at their table. For this concession, and in line with restaurants corkage policy. The corkage fee covers use of the premises, service (but not tips), wine glasses, glass breakage/rental and some of the lost revenue from not selling similar items off the Mister WOK menu.

Elsewhere, corkage fees vary from 1,000 to 2,500/- and upwards per bottle, depending on type and location of an establishment.

Mister WOK will charge a corkage fee of 200/- per person for unlimited wine or 1,000/- per bottle per table whichever is higher.

We will be pleased to provide wine glasses and, as needed, keep your bottle(s) chilled. Please do not bring in your own paper or plastic cups and please place your bottle of wine on the table and speak with our head barista about providing corkage service.