Cakeage Policy

Some customers ask to bring in a special cake of their own for a birthday party or other celebration. We allow our guests to bring in such a cake if they will also purchase beverages from our menu and consume a meal. We will charge a modest ‘plating fee’, or ‘cakeage’ of Kes.100/- per person or Kes. 1,000/- Per Cake whichever is higher.

Plating fee is a standard practice for restaurants that sell cake but also allow a birthday cake to be brought. Cakeage is entertained at very few establishments and attracts levies which vary from 500/- to 3,000/-. The cost includes the restaurant space itself, plates, silverware, clean-up, staff time, and loss of selling our own products. We do not allow use of paper plates and plastic ware on location at Mister WOK. As an alternative, we sell chocolate cake by the slice at 550/- ; We can also order a custom made cake for patrons at cost plus service and delivery charge but need advance notice to have one available and quote accordingly, so please call ahead.

We would need a precise description of the cake and a 50% deposit to cover the purchase. Please give us 7 days advance notice.