Simply Delicious!

We’ve been creating delicious food for over 10 years

The Beginning

Mister Wok just started with 16 seats across only 4 tables. It has grown through increased seating space, a dynamic menu and a growing branch network. Mister Wok benchmarks the best global practices in the Hospitality Industry. It was conceived and is operated by Kenyans. Using only the best Kenyan ingredients.


Today Mister Wok offers a fully-fledged catering unit. We serve all sorts of events, cover special occasions for the family as well as cater to the corporate market.


At Mister Wok there is an intricate mix of fine and casual dining. This offers our clients the choice of ordering based on their budget, time and culinary preference.


Only the best seasoned cooking vessels (Carbon steel) are used. A Wok continuously matures with use. It is a very nimble, exceptionally sterile with the ability to withstand incredible temperatures and elements. The Wok works in perfect harmony with the flame, chef, ingredients and ladle.


Being a customer focused business the opening of a fine dining branch was inevitable. We have branches in Parklands, The Hub Karen, Capital CenterTwo Rivers Mall, and Cedar Mall.


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers, with locally sourced produce.


“Breath of a Wok”

The term wok refers to the Chinese cooking Vessel and only the best seasoned woks are utilized.

We ensure that only Woks made from carbon steel are used thus retaining the original cooking form.

With continuos use our woks mature and thus the term “Breath of Wok” gives each serving its unique flavor and aroma.

Every dish is cooked to order at incredible temperatures like no other cuisine.

The wok, the ladle, the ingredients, the flame, and the chef are in harmony like a dance in ensuring the perfect balance of taste, color, texture and temperature to every dish we serve